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Been awhile since we updated our blog, and we have never mentioned our laying hen operation. So here is a glimpse of our birds in the pasture as well as the plans we used to make our mobile houses. The plans used here can be found under North Dakota State University building plans. We made a few modifications to the roof framing using the same building dimensions. No sense reinventing the wheel when there are so many great old USDA plans that are still as good now as they ever were. These older plans don’t require power tools either, certainty another plus. 
We are Animal Welfare approved and sell our eggs right off the farm. This year we are increasing the flock to just under 200 birds as our customer base continues to grow. 
Our customers appreciate the quality of our eggs and as we all know there is a growing awareness of how most eggs you find in the stores are not what they profess to be. Our girls roam the pasture foraging grass, insects, and worms to round out their diet.