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Breeding Program

Why the long upgrade process to shedding sheep?

When we decided to breed the wool off our flock in 1999 (I had some back problems and couldn't shear my own sheep anymore) our flock was primarily a commercial Coopworth flock at that time. Not the best choice to turn into shedding sheep if you're in a hurry perhaps, but with over 25 years of production records running on a grass based, low nutritional plane, about the best low maintenance flock we could have made I think. During those 25+ years, we've seen many fads come and go in the sheep business, the latest, greatest purebreds that are going to revolutionize the sheep industry etc. While most of those fads and the people promoting them have come and gone, we were always open to experimenting with a little of everything that looked promising to our commercial operation during that period. Most importantly though, we scored the results of those experiments on the basis of solid production records. Consequently, it simply wa…

Hell Boy

We have some horns sprouting up in the second generation.

Next Generation

Ram lamb sired by New Zealand AI project